Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Working Hard...

As soon the weather allowed we went straight onto the glacier to check out our weather stations. It was a big mess, since our arrival coincided with a heavy storm that had overthrown our stations. Also due to heavy rains and melting of the past three weeks, the anchoring of the stations had lessened. This meant two days of hard work setting up everything and fixing the stations on 3m poles drilled into the ice. Winds nowadays get up to 72 kmh in 10min means accompanied by rain and low clouds, that depict our very uncomfortable working conditions. But it's fun anyway! Now nearly everything at the station is prepared for the long winter and we continued with measurements of ablation and glacier velocities, but also with the setup of Hilkes diploma measurements of the glacier calving front. Now everything is setup for her work on Saturday and we hope for a good day with a bit of sun and less wind.

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