Montag, 28. März 2011

Envenenado ...

Our expedition to King George Island and our work on the glacier at Potter cove came to a rather quick end since the Argentine military announced our flight back on Sunday afternoon for the following day at noon. We did a night's packing but also taking farewell from our friends at the Argentine base who are going to stay for the winter. We will meet again as soon as the next summer season starts, and hopefully will be able to play some more darts and have some beer in this excellent and enchanting place.

We left our colleagues at Rio Gallegos in Argentina to find our way back to Punta Arenas, Southern Chile, for the flight back to Germany. And since travelling through one of the most beautiful landscapes could not go without doing some hikes, we stopped in Puerto Natales to go to Torres del Paine Park. The Park is just beautiful, with mountains and rivers without end, and very impressing glaciers. It is definitely worth another visit, maybe then with proper gear to get a bit closer look at the ice :-)



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