Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

news from the glacier group

After our rather late arrival at Jubany station, we first had to deal
with several problems connected to the last overwintering crew like
missing or broken equipment. But after a two weeks time of
reorganization and a lot of help of the station's crew, we found
ourselves in the middle of a very nice and smooth campaign.
Our glacier group comprises Hilke, Gunter and me from Bonn and Eugenio
and Hernan from Buenos Aires. Our work went really smooth due to our
great group work, the extensive help from the base mechanics and other
crew and last but not least to the exceptionally good weather! Sunshine
on Potter glacier - it is really amazing! So, we found ourselves in the
midst of a very successful campaign although with a reduced program, and
now we are about to finalize our work for the winter time.