Samstag, 27. November 2010

Successful conclusion of our field trip to King George Island

The automatic weather stations needed some more work like removing bugs from programming of data loggers and smaller changes in installations. After that, we finalized the installation of our transects of mass balance stakes including measurements with differential GPS and snow layer parameters. We installed our camera system along the beach that will hopefully yield estimates of glacier calving by photogrammetric analysis.

Our way back to the continent would be an eventful trip with the Zodiacs to Russian Bellingshausen station right next to the Chilean Frei Station at Maxwell Bay. On the way, we got the chance to visit the Korean station. We took the Chilean military flight with a Hercules out to Punta Arenas far in the South of Chile. Next week, we will be again in Buenos Aires, the starting point of our exciting travel, meeting up with colleagues from the Argentine Antarctic Research Institute and other friends we got to know, to exchange data and to discuss joint works for our next field trip. This will be February / March next year, not too far away, and we are already looking forward to a lot more great experiences and interesting work.


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